I enjoy making games, I started dozens of games, but I cancelled most of them at a very early stage. There are only a few games I'm a bit proud of:

Fantastic Roboworld

In 1996 I released Fantastic Roboworld a jump'n run for MS DOS. It took me more than a year of evenings after school and it was a typical one-man-project, which means I wrote the graphics engine, the sound engine, painted all the graphics with my own image editing software, recorded the sounds and instrument waves, made the music with my own music editor, designed all the levels etc. If you wanna try it boot MS-DOS (I managed to get it work with XP after playing around a bit, but not with Vista) and use a Sound Blaster compatible sound card. The game uses the famous Mode X, which seems not to be supported properly on some systems, resulting in scrolling not as smooth as it could be.

Der Fischer vom Bodensee

In 2002 I worked on Der Fischer vom Bodensee, a game released by the local newspaper. Technically it's far less well-engineered, and written in only a few days, but this time we were a team of 4 people and it was a lot of fun. I'm still impressed about Werner's work, who painted the comic style arts.


In 2005 I started a very simple game never released officially. Actually it was written in only a few hours, and it was nothing more than a test app for my new Direct3D engine. A few weeks before Breakpoint 2009 I started working on it again and decided to queeze it to 96K (originally it was about 150K), which turned out to be hard work. Actually it's 48K now, and was released at the party. You can either download the party version or the improved 2nd edition, and there is also an uncompression version in case your virus scanner has problems with the other ones (some virus scanners don't like compressed files too much). The game doesn't require fancy hardware, but unfortunately not all graphic cards are supported properly, sorry in case it doesn't work with yours.